Parenting training workshops for parents from babies to teens

The 7 words of parenting training workshops with Dominique Sakoilsky for parents of babies and toddlers to teens and young adults that will help you explore your strengths and weaknesses, and discover your own clear, authentic way, while acknowledging the needs of your children.

Make 2016 the year you gain depth understanding and joy in your parenting journey! Whether you are just beginning with your new born, or parenting teenagers, come and learn the 7 wisdoms of parenting training to enhance your skills and fun.

Dominique has been a family counsellor for over ten years and is passionate about parenting training. She is the mother of two grown up sons and one teenage daughter. RCST PostGrad Dip Systemic Theory and Practice, Relate Cert, Founder Relaxed Birth and Parenting, 7 words Guide

The intention of these sessions are to use the 7 words system to facilitate a deeper understanding of how we parent and what gets in the way of clear healthy relationships with our children.

As parents you will learn about

  • Making clear boundaries
  • Clear communication
  • Joyful parenting
  • Growing grounded adults
  • Creating a vision for famility life that works for everyone
  • Understanding responsibilty
  • Trusting you and your childs inate goodness



Morning Introduction

Cost £30 per person. Contact Dominique Sakoilsky 07969 204 763 or email

Venue: Cairns Road Clinic, 26 Cairns Road, Bristol BS6 7TY.

7 week workshop

Time and dates TBC.

Cost £30 per evening, or £200 if paid and booked by Week 1. Closed group so commitment to all 7 meetings necessary.

  • Wisdom One; the State of NO; Learn the importance boundaries play in developing children who can make clear choices that reflect their truth. Learn how you mkodel this (or not!)
  • Wisdom Two; the State of HELLO; Get to know your child by using clear communication, and the art of giving attention.
  • Wisdom Three; the State of THANK YOU; Parenting with heart, growing big hearted kids
  • Wisdom Four; the State of GOODBYE, nurturing grounded adults who get the job done!
  • Wisdom Five; the State of PLEASE, parenting with vision and co-operation, a vision of family life that works for the whole family.
  • Wisdom Six; the State of SORRY, understanding responsibility, forgiveness and guilt-free living.
  • Wisdom Seven; the State of YES, trusting you and your child (and the worlds) innate goodness.

You will be sure to learn something about yourself and what you bring to the arena of parenting, on this course. Find your own authentic and powerful way to parent, honing your strengths and strengthening your weaknesses. This will be a safe space to explore with humour, respect and depth, and places will be limited.

Call Dominique on 07969204763 or email