Why train with Relaxed Birth & Parenting?

Apart from the vast experience we bring to teaching others, we believe there are a number of important ways in which our courses differ from others available elsewhere - and which may well make training with us a better choice, as you plan the next stage of your own personal and professional journey.

To sum up very briefly, these reasons for choosing us are as follows: 

A "whole person" approach

We've been talking and listening to pregnant women for over two decades, and the understanding we've gained from this has resulted in an approach based on considering the whole person, and embracing all the possibilities of birth. Our work focuses on all the different aspects of pregnancy and birth, making use of a wide range of skiils and disciplines, from pregnancy and postnatal yoga to relationship counselling, cranial work to perinatal psychology.

Embracing the family 

One specific thing we have come to understand is that women bring all of themselves to birth, which means that the experience touches  upon all areas of family life. So we make a point of training our teachers to be able to support the entire family, helping everyone - fathers and older siblings, as well as mothers - to remain relaxed and in control throughout what is often a momentous transition for all concerned.

Baby focus!

What about the baby? It may sound strange, but in our experience, he or she is sometimes the one person involved in the process of pregnancy and birth whose needs and wellbeing are most likely to be overlooked. Our training differs from others in being strongly "baby-aware", focusing on balancing physical and emotional preparation, and supporting each family in finding the best way to welcome and celebrate the arrival of its newest member. 

Respecting your journey 

We talk a lot about the transition and changes facing new parents, but we never forget that the women who choose to train with us are on a journey, too. With us, you won't just learn about the practicalities of pregnancy and birth; you'll also have every opportunity to reflect on and explore the meaning of the work you are embarking upon, and to develop emotional awareness and skills that will be of value to you whatever path your life may subsequently follow.

A structured, but flexible approach

In addition to our two founders, you will be taught by a carefully chosen team of tutors with expertise in a wide range of fields, from massage and midwifery to ethical business. Our courses are well structured, to help you learn quickly and efficiently. But while the basic content is clearly defined, we encourage everyone who trains with to find their own way of supporting and teaching others, within the ethos of Relaxed Birth & Parenting. We have strongly held beliefs, but we try never to be inflexible or dogmatic. 

As a result, women trained by us have a wide range of options open to them. Currently, we have "graduates" running pregnancy yoga and postnatal classes, couples' workshops and one to one sessions; offering ante/birth/postnatal doula services; and working within the NHS with teenage mums, as family support workers, and family centre childbirth educators.