Train with us, and help others relax and enjoy the journey

Between them, our founders Dominique Sakoilsky and Louise Bennett have over 35 years' experience as active birth teachers and doulas. Through regular training courses, we're delighted to share our joy, passion and knowledge with others who would like to join us in this uniquely rewarding work.

Dominique and Louise have also teamed up with experienced tutors in the field of birth and parenting in order to bring you the very best in birth and parenting professional training.

We recently launched our new professional antenatal teaching course: Bringing Antenatal Training Home, in collaboration with experienced tutor and master herbalist Amanda Rayment of Welcome World.

Whichever path you choose to follow, you will be trained to a very high standard, acquiring a depth of knowledge and breadth of understanding that will enable you to help other women and their families to relax and get the most from pregnancy, birth and parenting.