Arrival CD

Relax with enchanting music and meditations from our new CD 'Arrival', especially created for you and your baby by Relaxed Birth & Parenting

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About the CD

Arrival CD

At Relaxed Birth and Parenting we’ve been working with pregnant women for over 20 years, during which we’ve dedicated our lives to discovering what helps women most in birth.

We now know that there’s one thing that matters more than anything else – relaxation. The key ingredient of any birth, relaxation enables every woman to make the most of life’s most enriching experience.

When we relax, our body can do what it is designed to do – birth. It also allows us to experience more freedom and joy in what is a huge life transition. Relaxation keeps us connected to our baby too. It’s simple: when mum relaxes, baby relaxes, which is so nourishing for that special relationship between mother and child. When we develop awareness of our breath, allowing our bodies to relax with each outbreath, we cultivate a  strong internal resource that will help us cope with every situation. So, if our birth goes a different way from how we planned, we can always return to our breath to help us stay relaxed throughout the process. The choice to relax is always with us. It’s just that sometimes the challenges and stresses of daily life distract us from its rich potential to help us take life – and birth – more easily in our stride. We hope that this CD will help you reconnect with the state ofrelaxation that lies deep within you, ready for you to access whenever you need it. Enjoy listening to this CD during your pregnancy as you prepare to birth and welcome your baby into the world.

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