Women’s Wisdom; what is it that women bring to the world at this time?

Having just come back from the Women’s Economic Forum conference in Delhi, where over 1500 women from across the globe came together to share and inspire each other, I find myself reflecting on what is women’s wisdom and what I am gifted with from such an experience as I integrate and settle back home. ... read more

Readying Yourself for a Journey

I have been reflecting about how we all prepare in different ways when we are going on a journey, whether that is just leaving the house to go to the shops or work or whether it involves a longer journey, perhaps to far away places involving hours or days of travel.... read more


As we enter the New Year I feel the draw to still myself, to go deeper into knowing something of who I am, and what is truthful for me and my life; you could say a time of retreat and reflection, a re-evaluating of decisions made and choices lived.... read more

When a Baby Dies

We have a student Skype session this week on this topic as it feels so pertinent to any birth worker to have spent some time exploring how they might support any parents with the issue of loss and in particular the death of a baby.... read more

Prayer of the Heart Retreat 2014

Arriving in Gravito Retreat Centre in Portugal recently for our new offering ,the Prayer of the Heart Retreat, felt like we walked through a sacred doorway into a whole new world, where the landscape and sun provided us with the perfect environment to step out of our lives and sit in a circle, creating the rich alchemical pot of creativity and healing that occurs when people come together with a clear intention and willingness to let go of all that stands in the way of truth and knowing.... read more

Hanging Out with the Lithuanian Sun

In November 2012 I had the invitation to take Relaxed Birth and Parenting 7 Secrets Doula Training to Lithuania. These six days were to touch me so profoundly that I am still letting the changes settle within me.... read more

Using a Doula, by Chloe Bodard-Williams

Chloe Bodard-Williams talks about her experience of working with a Doula.... read more

Inviting the whole of us to our birthing

So how can we bring more of ourselves to our birthing?... read more