Our approach

The first thing to say is that we don't have any dogmatic beliefs about the "right" way to give birth, or to be a good parent. But we do have a distinctive approach to our work, which is firmly based on giving each woman exactly the kind of help and support she needs before, during and after giving birth.

To be a bit more specific, Relaxed Birth & Parenting is rooted in active birth - the idea that pregnancy and birth are not a medical condition but a natural process, and that women should be able to remain actively in control of it, at every stage, rather than being treated as a passive "patient".

We also place strong emphasis on the strength of the mind-body aspects of birth and the importance of active relaxation in pregnancy, birth and parenting. Through pregnancy yoga, bodywork, breathing, simple meditations and informal discussions through which experiences can be shared and explored, we aim to help women achieve complete physical and emotional wellbeing on their parenting journey.