Clients experiences

Comments below are from recent Relaxed Birth and Parenting participants:

“I'm not scared anymore – and I can’t believe that came from just a few classes”

 “The preparation I did in the Relaxed Birth and parenting classes helped me to stay focussed, calm, and know how to get my body into the best position to help Ani out into the world.” 

“Thanks for all of your help during the classes it definitely helped me feel confident and prepared for labour and enabled me to stay at home as long as I did [until 8cm dilated].  

“....many of the things we covered in class came into play in my labour – it helped me be really prepared for the experience”

“ We learnt about the physiology of birth, and relating to women on their transition into motherhood- from tutors and from each other. We learnt from each other’s experiences and developed our own plan for our birth and beyond”

“Whilst the training prepared me with necessary information and facts to support my birth- the most valuable thing that I took from my training was a more truthful understanding and confidence in myself.”