Pregnancy, birth and parenting: relax, we're with you all the way

From the moment the test shows up positive, you're on a journey. And while you're happy and excited about where it will take you, it's only natural that you may also feel some uncertainty or anxiety about what lies ahead. At Relaxed Birth & Parenting, we're here to provide you with expert help, support and guidance, every step of the way.

Working in the south-west and west midlands areas of the UK, we enjoy working tirelessly in support of new and expecting mothers and their partners.

Our regular antenatal classes, including pregnancy yoga and birth preparation exercises are designed to ensure you're rooted in body and mind when the magical day comes, while our parenting classes help you take the next steps on your unfolding journey. You might also enjoy one of our regular birth preparation or parenting workshops.

If you're looking for more focussed and personalised learning, each member of our team of practitioners offer private, tailored antenatal or parenting sessions

Don't miss our great birth and parenting products that you can go back to for comfort and reassurance time and time again.

And for those wishing to reach out and support others coming into parenthood we offer some of the best antenatal and doula training in the UK

Everything we do is based upon our vast experience of working with women and their families. And our only aim is the one summed up in our name: to help you relax and make the most of life's most enriching experience.

Latest News

We are very excited to be launching our new training Women’s Wisdom, a professional training in healing and health mentoring. A new innovative face to face fully accredited training for women wanting to bring ancient knowledge into modern times.

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